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singrid This month, OFI features one of the many orangutans under OFI’s care in Kalimantan. This is Ingrid, a juvenile female orangutan who was rescued through OFI’s Orangutan Rescue Program. Apparently she was orphaned and displaced by palm oil plantantion development then captured by villagers one kilometer from the nearest tree. The villagers had tied her up with wire cables and were planning to kill her for a “bounty” of 50,000 rupiahs (now approximately $7) set by the developers of the palm oil estate. Bounties on pest species are not uncommon in many countries, but in this case, the developers targetted the endangered orangutan for destruction rather than have them translocated. Fortunately for Ingrid, a passing truck driver saw what was happening and notified Dr. Galdikas who activated OFI’s Orangutan Rescue Program. Ingrid was rescued and brought to OFI’s Care Center.

Ingrid is being cared for by OFI and will be released to the wild when she has fully recovered. In the meantime, Ingrid is one of the orangutans in OFI’s Orangutan Foster Parent Program. She and the other babies would appreciate your support.

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