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E-Newsletter Archive

Get to know OFI by catching up on old stories as you browse OFI’s eNewsletter Archives.

Employee Spotlight: Ibu Cici – February 2018

Caregiver Story: A Unique Appreciation for Insect Photography – January 2018

Employee Spotlight: Ibu Waliyati – November 2017

The New Records Library of OFI – October 2017

OFI Still Fighting the Forest Fires of 2015 – August 2017

Employee Spotlight: Pak Santo – July 2017

Employee Spotlight: Dr. Ketut – June 2017

A Day in the Life at Camp Rendell – April 2017

Surveying the Land: by foot, by boat, and by air – March 2017

Ten Orangutans Released – February 2017

Back to the Trees, An OFI Release – January 2017

OFI Renews Patrol Efforts in Tanjung Puting National Park – November/December 2016

Orangutan Care Series: The Juveniles – August 2016

What Does it Take to Feed 330 Orangutans? – July 2016

Employee Spotlight: One Family’s Shared Passion for Orangutans (and Sun Bears) – June 2016

OFI Celebrates Its New Mothers” – April 2016

A Look Back at the History of Iconic Camp Leakey” – March 2016

The Captivating Flora and Fauna of Tanjung Puting National Park” – February 2016

Cempaka Baru” – January 2016

Employee Spotlight: Mr. Tumin Luther” – December 2015

From Mexico to Borneo: Reflections of an Enrichment Volunteer” – November 2015

Orangutan Awareness Week 2015” – October 2015

2015 Fire Season” – September 2015

Orangutan Genome Part 2“- August 2015

OFI’s Translocations in Borneo” – July 2015

Reflections of a Volunteer” – June 2015

When it Rains, it Pours” – February 2015

Kick Palm Oil out of Your Life” – Jan 2015

Helping Gibbons: The Story of Dea” – Nov/Dec 2014

Fires Hit Close to Home” – October 2014

Former United States President, Bill Clinton, visits the OFI Care Center” – September 2014

Orangutan Genome Part 1: The Quest for Leakey’s Ancestral Great Ape” – March 2014

We Need Your Help to Build a New Sun Bear Enclosure” – February 2014

Looking Back at 2013 – A Year in Review” – January 2014

The Holidays are a Time for Family & Friends” – December 2013

Mothers and Babies of Camp Leakey: A Trip to the Past and a Look at Our Future” – October 2013

Changing Weather, Changing Ecosystems” – September 2013

“Tommy” Tales of an Orphaned Orangutan with a Big Heart & Even Bigger Personality – August 2013

Wet or dry, hot or cold, it’s our job to keep orangutans safe in any weather. ALSO: “Orangutan Legacy Forest” Campaign is Launched! – July 2013

Take a Peek! “Eyes on the Forest” Archives Now Available – June 2013

EAT-PLAY-LEARN: Helping Orangutans Return to the Wild Through Holistic Environmental Enrichment” – May 2013

Return to Childhood Wonder” – March 2013

The Joy of Freedom by Biruté Mary Galdikas” – February 2013

Orangutan Families: A Legacy of Our Past and Motivation for Our Future” – January 2013

Your Gift…Our Promise” – December 2012

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: A Special Message from Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas” – November 2012

Research and Conservation Team Up to Save Endangered Orangutans” – October 2012

Guarding the Forest: Step by Step, OFI Forest Rangers Keep Orangutans Safe” – September 2012

Getting Up-Close-and-Personal with Orangutans Inspires an Industry to Change its Deadly Practices: OFI Teaches ‘No Hunt – No Kill – No Torture – No Catch’ ” – August 2012

OFI’s Rescue Team and Veterinarians Give Hope to Orangutan Victims of the Palm Oil Industry” – July 2012

A Special Message from Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas: Desperate times require desperate measures…and your help!” – June 2012

Saving Wildlife in Borneo: OFI Launches New ‘Zero Tolerance-No Kill Policy’ Training Program for Palm Oil and Pulp Industry Workers” – May 2012

OFI Family Unites Across the Globe to Nourish our Hairy Foster ‘Children’” – April 2012

Creating Play Time for Orangutans is Hard Work for OFI’s Volunteers & Staff” – March 2012