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Orangutan Foundation International mission statment

Orangutan Foundation International has several missions:

• Promote awareness of orangutans as a critically endangered species and as one of humankind’s closest living relatives in the animal kingdom.

• Actively protect and help conserve wild orangutan populations and their tropical rain forest habitats.

• Rescue and care for wild born ex-captive orangutans, rehabilitate, and release them to safe and secure sites in the wild.

• Help captive orangutans lead healthy and contented lives with as much well-being as possible given their situation.

• Conduct observational research on orangutans and their ecology in order to increase our understanding of them as populations and individuals.

Furthermore, OFI promotes the dissemination of information about orangutans in order to galvanize the public towards an appreciation and respect for orangutans, and to increase awareness and understanding of the dire conservation crisis facing wild orangutan populations and their tropical rain forest habitats.

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