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IN MEMORIAM: HOCKEY Orangutan of the Month Remembered December 2020 and January 2021

January, 31 2021

At OFI we enjoy the highs but we also must endure the lows. It is with a heavy heart that we inform our friends and supporters that after a short illness (non-Covid19 related) wild born ex-captive female orangutan “Hockey” passed away in her sleep. Thankfully, she was not alone as her faithful carer and nurse…

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Orangutan of the Month August - November 2020
BAMA: Curious girl Searcher and Explorer

December, 7 2020

Away deep in the woods, life goes on at Camp Rendell, an adjunct facility to OFI’s Care Center in Central Borneo. An orangutan “soft release” is taking place. The daily soft release process sees the wild born ex-captive orangutans taken out in the morning from their sleeping enclosures and brought back in the late afternoon.…

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Orangutans of the Month June and July 2020

July, 3 2020

2020 has been a year of ups and downs, but among the stories of isolation and quarantine, there are those of freedom. Freedom well-earned by two orangutans, Natalie and Cantik! Cantik is an Indonesian word which in English means “pretty”. All orangutans are beautiful in their own way. It is a close contest between Natalie…

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Orangutan of the month May 2020
POPPY, Strong and Independent

May, 19 2020

There are three identified species of orangutan – the Sumatran, Tapanuli and Bornean. Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) are the third heaviest living primate after two gorilla species. Studies have indicated that there are three subspecies on Borneo. The orangutans of Southwest Borneo (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii) are the largest and most populous of the three Bornean…

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Orangutan of the month April 2020
LORI BELLE: Quiet and Reflective

April, 14 2020

A new baby orangutan at the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine (OCCQ) is sometimes the last link in a great chain. Lori Belle was reportedly found by some villagers in their “garden” and she was presented to the Taman Nasional (National Park office of the Indonesian Forestry), who passed her along to the KSDA (Nature…

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Orangutan of the Month March 2020: LADY GILBERT - PORTRAIT OF A LADY

March, 23 2020

The complex of buildings known as the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine (OCCQ) may be one nerve center of OFI’s (Orangutan Foundation International) operations in Borneo but stretching forth like branches from a tree are a network of camps, facilities, and posts. Extending from these are projects ranging from reforestation to orangutan rehabilitation. Camp Rendell…

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