You are currently viewing Please support OFI in a chance to win up to $250K.

Please support OFI in a chance to win up to $250K.

Update: Voting has ended and OFI has won a $25,000 grant. Thank you again for supporting orangutans and OFI’s efforts to conserve them.

OFI needs your help to win part of a three million dollar Chase grant. Time is critical and if OFI can stay within the top 100 charities voted for through Facebook, OFI will receive a $25,000 grant to help orangutans and orangutan habitat. If you have a Facebook account and 2 minutes to spare to help orangutans then we urgently need your vote to keep us in the top 100. You just need a Facebook account and 2 minutes. Yesterday we were at number 93 and now we are have dropped below the threshold for the $25,000 grant. With only a few hours left, OFI and orangutans urgently need your help.

How to Vote for OFI

  1. Click on this link
  2. Then click on the green button that says “Vote & Share.”
  3. You may be prompted to like the Chase Community Giving page. Please “like” their page.
  4. Make sure to click on the “Vote & Share” button afterwards or your vote may not go through

  • When you click on the Vote & Share button, a new window will open that states: “Chase Community Giving” is requesting permission to do the following…”. This window will have an “Allow” button that needs to be clicked before your vote is registered.
  • Once you click the “Allow” button, a new message will appear that says “Vote & Share” at the bottom.
  • Please note, that your vote is not complete unless you click the button that says “Vote & Share” and see the message “Thanks for your Vote” and the vote count increases. The link to Vote will appear on your Facebook page after you have voted successfully. Thank you for your vote and supporting orangutans and the OFI

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