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Help us in our Mission to save orangutans and their habitat.

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Foster an orangutan


Each Foster Parent Intro Kit includes an adoption certificate, the biography of your foster orangutan, a recent photo of your foster orangutan, an information sheet about orangutans.

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about the Orangutan Foundation International


OFI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of wild orangutans and their rainforest habitat. Founded by Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas and associates in 1986,

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go on an eco-tour


Journey to Borneo and see orangutans in the wild. OFI began its formal tour program in 2004. It was a tremendous success due to Dr. Galdikas’ participation.

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Everybody remembers their first house. Dreams are cast, plans are made and pennies are gathered until the jubilant day the homeowner wakes up in their new bed. Given that orangutans share so much in common with humans, they may look on their first nest with a similar sense of pride. One infant orangutan in OFI’s […]


Remembering Mark Schell

By | On Apr 30, 2018

With appreciation and gratitude for his warmth toward the animal kingdom, Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) remembers Mark Schell. Mark had a deep passion for animals, identifying with their innocence and empathizing with those who were abused. He came from an abusive household, yet went on to be a successful businessman and investor after spending some […]


Captive Orangutan Jono Goes Home after 6 years in holding cage – Orangutan & Sun Bear Rescue On Monday, April 23rd, the adult male orangutan “Jono” who was featured on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent episode “The Baby Trade” and a young male sun bear “Buddy” arrived in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan (Kalimantan Tengah) in Indonesian Borneo. […]


We all know that person around the office. Always on the go, they move like a phantom through the corridors; rewarding us with a bright smile before disappearing into the ether. This month we snatch a rare moment with Ibu Sumi, OFI’s very own friendly and busy staff member. Ibu Sumi is the Deputy Manager […]


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