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Lanang was brought by Indonesian Forestry officials to Dr.Galdikas’ home in Borneo. Because of his size and behavior, she quickly assessed that this orangutan had likely just recently been taken from his mother. Lanang is growing up to be a healthy and beautiful male orangutan. The skin of his face is already starting to become dark (a sign of leaving infancy behind) but his eyes have remained as warm as ever. (the biography is from when Lanang was first rescued.)

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Why Foster an Orangutan?

By becoming an Orangutan Foster Parent, you will help care for the displaced and orphaned orangutans at the OFI Care Centre and Quarantine (OCCQ) facility, during their rehabilitation back to the wild. As a Foster Parent you will contribute to providing the medical, dietary and emotional care that the orangutans need to thrive. Your foster purchase is also tax-deductible and you will be sent an official tax acknowledgment letter from OFI.