Foster Benjamine


Benjamine approaches life with wide-eyed enthusiasm, meandering across the forest like a raindrop drifting down a windowpane. She seems to suffer from the affliction FOMO (fear of missing out) so she is always drawn to where the action is, be it in the playground or the surrounding forest. Benjamine’s journey is just beginning. There is much yet for her to discover. Who knows what surprises are in store? We look forward to updating you on Benjamine’s excellent progress as she swings herself forward into the future. (the photo attached was taken when rescued)


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Why Foster an Orangutan?

By becoming an Orangutan Foster Parent, you will help care for the displaced and orphaned orangutans at the OFI Care Centre and Quarantine (OCCQ) facility, during their rehabilitation back to the wild. As a Foster Parent you will contribute to providing the medical, dietary and emotional care that the orangutans need to thrive. Your foster purchase is also tax-deductible and you will be sent an official tax acknowledgment letter from OFI.

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