Orangutan Legacy Forest

A Wild Place for Endangered Orangutans

Help us protect critical orangutan habitat!

adult orangutan in tree

Your support is urgently needed to help Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) purchase and permanently protect prime orangutan habitat in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. This forestland adjoins OFI’s recently purchased Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest — and will provide an essential wildlife corridor to the Village Protected Forest established by the local community of Pasir Panjang and OFI.

A Unique Opportunity to Expand and Safeguard OFI’s Protected Forest Habitat

Known as the Orangutan Legacy Forest, this important, biologically-rich forest area is home to more than 100 orangutans and other endangered wildlife species. Its acquisition and permanent protection is key to ensuring the health and safety of the region’s last remaining wild orangutan population.

Like so much of Borneo’s forestland, unprotected portions of the Orangutan Legacy Forest are currently at risk of being clear-cut and converted to palm oil agriculture or timber concessions. Without OFI’s immediate intervention—and your financial support—this forest habitat could be lost forever.

Please join us in this important effort by giving generously to OFI’s Orangutan Legacy Forest Fund. It’s easy! You can donate online using your credit card or by check.

Your generous financial donation will ensure the permanent protection of the Orangutan Legacy Forest and its population of wild orangutans. It will also create a much-needed sanctuary for the release of orphaned and rehabilitated orangutans back into the wild. Let this be your legacy!

Give a gift in your name, or show a friend or loved one how much you care by sponsoring acres in their name.

  • Your donation will go to purchasing land in the Orangutan Legacy Forest. You can help save a remnant wild orangutan population along with many more local species in these forests.


Donate by check

Please send a check made payable to Orangutan Foundation International to the address below. Please indicate “Land Purchase” on your check.

So we may properly acknowledge your gift, please include your name, mailing address, email address and, if you are donating in honor or memory of a loved one, include his or her name and mailing address as well.

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Have questions? Contact us at ofioffice@gmail.com.

Orangutan Legacy Forest – Including the Kubu Village Forest from Orangutan Foundation Intl on Vimeo.

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