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Orangutan Care Center

Orphaned, sick, and injured orangutans get a second chance

OFI established the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine facility in 1998 to provide medical, parental and emotional care to ex-captive orphan orangutans in preparation for their release in the wild. OFI currently provides medical treatment, rehabilitation, and reintegration care for over 300 orangutans, including 22 tiny infant-orphans whose mothers have been killed.

Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine Orangutan Foundation InternationalFacilities include an operating room, X-ray department, medical laboratory, library, living quarters for veterinary staff as well as a separate quarantine complex. The OCCQ is located within 80 hectares of relict primary peatswamp forest where orangutan orphans are released daily. It is here in “forest school” where orphans learn the skills they will need to survive when they are returned to the wild.

OFI’s Orangutan Care Center costs up to $1.2 million a year to maintain. That includes the salaries of the 140 people who work there, daily food for the orangutans, the orangutan rescue and release teams, medical equipment, construction of enclosures, daily enrichment activities, as well as local outreach teams to help educate people on how precious orangutans are to Indonesia and to the world.

We can become the orangutans’ greatest allies by supporting the Orangutan Care Center where these orphaned, sick, and injured orangutans get a second chance at the life they deserve.

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