1. I want to walk but want to get a time. Can I do that?
      Yes, just register as a runner. This will get you a timing chip and you will receive an official time. There is nothing prohibiting from walking if you register as a runner.
    2. I want to participate but don’t want to do the full 5K. Is that ok?
      Yes, if you register as a walker, the course is only one mile. You can certainly run/jog this as well. However, if you want an official time, you will need to complete the entire 5K course.
    3. Is the course actually through the zoo or is it outside the zoo?
      The course is a USATF certified course through the zoo. It consists of one lap in the zoo, one lap around the outside perimeter of the zoo, and then a final lap back in the zoo itself.
    4. Will the animals be out during the event?
      The zoo opens the animal cages at 8:15 AM. They do not force the animals out so they will come out when they are ready but you should get to see animals during the event. During the 2013 and 2014 events, the cheetahs were super curious about the 1000 participants running by them! The peacocks are always out cheering folks on as well!
    5. Is the zoo open at the time of the event?
      No, the zoo does not open to the general public until 9:30 AM so this event provides a unique opportunity to be inside the zoo without the typical crowds.
    6. My friends and family want to watch the event. Can they come watch me?
      Yes, but they will need to purchase discounted zoo admission tickets at our check-in tables. This is because they are receiving entry into the zoo and will have full access to the event and the zoo.
    7. How much is the discounted zoo ticket?
      We will be selling discounted zoo tickets at the event for $15. Normal zoo admission is $20 for adults and $18 for children age 2-11. Children under 2 are free.
    8. I am a zoo member. Can I get in for free?
      No. Zoo members are allowed into “Zoo” Events only with their membership. Philly Run Wild is not a “Zoo” produced event so members must pay to go since these event fees are not covered by zoo membership. This is a limitation instilled on us by the zoo. Philly Run Wild, SAVES Club, and OFI have no control over this policy. We have to pay the zoo for every person at our event so we are unable to make exceptions for zoo members. We apologize ahead of time for this.
    9. I cannot make it to the event anymore. Can somebody else pick up my t-shirt or can you mail it to me?
      Somebody else can pick up your t-shirt the day of the event. Just have them go to the registration table with the corresponding name and they can pick it up. We can NOT mail anything out. We do not have the means to ship anything since this is a charity event.
    10. How does parking work for the event?
      Regular zoo parking fees do apply for the event. Please check out this link for information on parking, http://www.philadelphiazoo.org/Visit/Directions-Transportation.htm. Both the Tiger Parking Lot and the Parking Garage will be open for the event. The Tiger Lot is the closest lot to the entrance but is not very big. There is also free, street parking on 34th street so if you arrive early you may be able to park there as well.
    11. Is there bag check?
      No, but you will be allowed to exit and re-enter the zoo before and after the event. This allows you to drop things off in your car or to grab things you might need before spending the day walking around the zoo. As our event grows we will look into adding a bag check for people.
    12. Can I push a stroller for the run or walk?
      Yes! We just ask that you start behind the competitive runners so that they can have a clear start.
    13. I would like to volunteer for the event. Can I volunteer?
      Yes, in order for the event to go smoothly we need lots of volunteers! Please email phillyrunwild@gmail.com with your contact information (name, address, phone #) and provide your availability for the event. Most volunteers need to be at the zoo by 6 AM and will be finished with all their duties by 10 AM.
    14. What security does the zoo provide for the event?
      The Zoo has 24 hour, 7 day a week Public Safety officers on the Zoo grounds and during special events.The Public Safety Officers are trained in first aid/CPR as well as security/emergency functions. The Zoo also has emergency procedures in place and has a direct relationship with the Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments.
    15. I will be participating and want to purchase a t-shirt for a friend. Will you have extras at the event?
      No, we will not have extra t-shirts at the event but you can order extra t-shirts during the registration process.
    16. Where can I find out more information on Orangutan Foundation International?
      Please visit www.orangutan.org.

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