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November 4-10

Orangutan Awareness Week (OAW) was first established by OFI in 1996 to honor the establishment of Camp Leakey during the first week of November in 1971. What began as a memorial to honor Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas’ research and orangutan conservation in Tanjung Puting National Park has become a world-wide celebration to spread awareness about the plight of orangutans and their diminishing rainforest habitat and encourage action to save orangutans!

Over the years, OFI supporters have celebrated Orangutan Awareness Week in a number of different ways! School and youth groups have hosted bake sales and penny drives. Other supporters have made donations, boycotted palm oil, fostered Care Center orangutans, hosted “Born to be Wild” viewing parties, and art contest.

OFI is currently developing a campaign to Go Orange to raise awareness for orangutan conservation. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates under #orange_utan or #OAW2018 and add our exclusive frame to your Facebook profile picture.

However you choose to celebrate Orangutan Awareness Week – alone or with friends, with art or with a message, by teaching others or by learning more yourself – we hope you keep OFI in mind!

NOTE REGARDING THE DATES: OFI celebrates Orangutan Awareness Week during the first week of November to honor the historical establishment of Camp Leakey by Dr. Galdikas in early November 1971. You might see other organizations celebrating during the second week of November, which just means two full weeks of orangutan awareness! Remember, there is no wrong time to celebrate orangutans!

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