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How to Help Orangutans and their Habitat

The best way to help OFI continue our important work is by donating OFI. We need continual support for ongoing projects such as orphan care, land purchase, and rainforest protection, and emergency support for issues like fire fighting & prevention.

Please consider making a monthly donation to one of our programs.

  • The Orangutan Care Center cares for over 250 orphan orangutans. Your donation will help us with medical costs, feeding, housing and to pay the caregivers of these orphaned, sick, and injured orangutans as they find a way back home.


  • Your donation will go to purchasing land in the Orangutan Legacy Forest. You can help save a remnant wild orangutan population along with many more local species in these forests.


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    To meet the challenge of replanting the forest that has been destroyed, OFI needs funds for staff, agronomists, transport, and nurseries. Your donation will help OFI begin the process of bringing the dead forests to life, so that orangutans and other wildlife can live.


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    Your donation will help protect Tanjung Puting National Park from poachers who are driving whole species to the edge of extinction.


  • Every donation you make goes towards buying supplies, hiring more fire-fighters and upgrading our fire fighting equipment. Every sign of support encourages our team and lifts their spirits. Please do not forget them as they fight the fires for orangutans and the forest.


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