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Buddies in Arms

Buddy systems frequently develop among the young orphaned orangutans at the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine (OCCQ).


Orangutan Foundation International Doris & Holland
Dorris & Holland


Craving the comfort they would have received from their mothers for six to as many as ten years, the orangutans make friends, often in pairs.


Orangutan Foundation International Ray & Vytas
Bayat & Chewey


Orangutan Foundation International Bayat & Chewey
Ray & Vytas


Friendships come in handy to the orphans during daily visits to the OFI Learning Forest.


Orangutan Foundation International Holland & Trudeau
Buddies Holland and Trudeau follow one another while climbing.


Orangutan Foundation International Dodot & Weyerhauser
Dodot and Weyerhauser stay close as they explore during forest school.


Orangutan Foundation International Kobe & Ryan
Kobe & Ryan trade secrets bundled into a small nook under a tree.


While some young orangutans are confident in their independence, others prefer company to dig, climb, and sometimes even to sleep.


Orangutan Foundation International Charlie & Karti
Charlie & Karti


Jennifer & Summers


Orangutan Foundation International Walman & Weyerhauser
Walman & Weyerhauser


Buddy systems help the orangutans to learn important skills from one another through sharing and imitation.

Jennifer & Yansi Seymour


Orangutan Foundation International Jenifer & Yansi
Jennifer & Yansi Seymour


We cannot forget the infrangible bond between young orangutan and mother that these orphans once knew in the wild. The illegal pet industry as well as habitat destruction from logging and land modification for palm oil plantations have induced an overwhelming orphan phenomenon. As young orangutans work together and flourish as pairs at the OCCQ, we must also work together as a species to protect their habitat and save them from extinction.

Orangutan Foundation International Doris & Lucky
Doris & Lucky


Orangutan Foundation International Rimbaraya
Holland & Iribe

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