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Releasing Orangutans back to the Wild: a Complex Procedure

May, 26 2011

Not every orangutan release goes as planned. In April 2010 Congo, an eleven year old male, was released at a forest camp located in a secure patch of forest stewarded by OFI and used as a release site for rehabilitated orangutans. Unfortunately, in August he had to return to the Care Center in the village…

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Macaque Monkey Release

June, 14 2010

Central Kalimantan, Indonesia – For a place called the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine (OCC&Q), there is a surprising number of animals around that are neither orange, long-haired, nor gentle. Apart from animals rescued from a zoo OFI bought and closed down, we regularly accept confiscated, surrendered, and injured animals from local people and government.…

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Orangutans Return to the Wild: Release at Lamandau Nature Reserve

June, 4 2004

Arriving at the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine (OCCQ) facility one morning from Pangkalan Bun by the customary Indonesian transport of an ojek or hired motor scooter, I was surprised to find the clinic very quiet. As I ventured around the building I discovered the veterinarians and assistants all busy on the back lawn with…

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Lamandau Nature Reserve: An Orangutan Release Site

March, 4 2004

Lamandau Nature Reserve, an expired logging concession comprised mainly of peat swamp forest, is prime orangutan habitat in Borneo. It was designated as an official orangutan release site in 1997. The Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) has two camps located in the reserve, Camp Siswoyo and Camp JL., both on its eastern edge close to Pangkalan…

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