Why not do your own fundraising to help OFI?

People from all over the world have been inspired by the work of Dr. Galdikas and OFI to find different ways to raise funds to help. Even if event planning is not your thing you can always share your passion and stories with your friends and family. Its as easy these days as posting your cause on a web page like FirstGiving. There are things everyone can do no mater what age or background. Use your imagination and discover the generosity of others. Parents get your kids involved and kids teach your parents!

Raise money with FirstGiving

Participate in Youth Involvement

Share your Fundraising Ideas and discover others

  • OFI operates many projects and facilities. We support the daily needs of over 330 orphan or displaced orangutans in our Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine. We are purchasing and protecting forest in our area for wild populations and ex-captive release. Plus we fund forest patrols to protect these many forested areas. Click here to read more about OFI’s current campaigns.

    Sungai Buluh Kecil

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