A $25 Gift can plant 750 Trees in Borneo




Donate in honor of someone and send them an e-card. Your gift for them will go towards our reforestation and forest protection program.

We employ local people to plant trees throughout the year. Our dedicated reforestation team monitors the growth of the trees and we have planted over 370,000 since 2015. Forest fires have become almost a yearly event in Borneo, and our OFI forest protection team fight on the front lines of these fires. Many of them do this work with no specialized precautionary equipment. Your gifts can help us provide them with safety equipment and supplies. Dedicated staff patrol OFI’s protected forests where they live in guard posts far away from other human settlements. The presence of the guards helps deter illegal poaching and deforestation. Our teams patrol the forest on foot, by motorbike, and even by boat rain or shine all year round.