A $1000 Gift can sponsor the monthly salary of three orangutan caregivers




Donate in honor of someone and send them an e-card. Your gift for them will go towards caring for the orphans at the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine.

The OCCQ is home to nearly 300 orphaned orangutans and employs more than 200 local indigenous Dayak people. These Caregivers care for the infant, juvenile, and adolescent orangutans each day like their own children. This team of men and women feed the orangutans and take them into the OCCQ swamp forest, give them love, attention, and stimulation, as well as do a lot of manual labor like cleaning the sleeping enclosures of the orangutans each day. These gifts go towards the daily needs of these growing orangutans including, fruit, milk, food enrichment items, bottles, diapers, formula, soap for weekly baths, medicines for scrapes, soy milk drinks, extra nutritional supplements, branches for nest making, and the salaries of the staff who care for them each day.