Adoption Newborn

Orangutans continue to surprise us!

At OFI’s Seruyan forest release site, after first-time mother “Dewi” gave birth to a tiny female infant, another young pregnant female named “Pinkie” took the infant, “Dalia”, from Dewi after Dalia had been squealing for almost half an hour.

The camp assistants finally succeeded in calling Dr. Galdikas who arrived after an arduous four hour trip to the isolated release camp. Dalia was retrieved from Pinkie but suddenly at least three other females, all mothers and all seemingly with good intentions, feverishly tried to grab her. Dalia went from one hand to another. One female succeeded in holding on to Dalia for a few seconds and tenderly clasped Dalia to her chest while her own small infant hung onto the mother’s side. Once again Dalia was retrieved and returned to Dewi who was now in a transport cage. Mother and daughter were taken to OFI’s Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine where both seem to be doing fine.

What surprised all observers were the good intentions of the other females. Each of the three females who grabbed Dalia seemed to want to take the newborn in order to take care of her. Apparently, newborns are irresistible! Pinkie had carried a seemingly contented Dalia for over six hours without provoking a sound.

More details to follow as they become available from the Seruyan and the OCCQ.

Dewi and infant Dalia at Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine
Dewi and infant Dalia at Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine

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