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Dr. Galdikas proud to be honored with the Earth Trustee Award.

LOS ANGELES – Dr. Biruté Galdikas was proud to be honored with the Earth Trustee Award on Tuesday March 20, presented in conjunction with the ringing of the UN Peace Bell marking the 32nd annivesary of Earth Day.

The award was presented by The Earth Society Foundation and the, founded by John McConnell, and the late world renowned anthropologist, Margaret Mead. The Indonesian UN Consul General accepted the award on Dr Galdikas’ behalf. The award was presented for Dr. Galdikas’ work educating young people about the devastation of Indonesia’s rainforests and what that would mean for the endangered wild orangutan population.

Mary Catherine Bateson, daughter of Margaret Mead, rang the peace bell at the exact moment that Spring began on the Spring equinox. An awards ceremony at the UN Church Center followed.

Dr. Biruté Galdikas is the founder and president of the Orangutan Foundation International, a 501 c-3 non-profit organization devoted to preserving and protecting highly endangered orangutan in the forests of Borneo from extinction. In addition to conducting a variety of important educational outreach and conservation projects, the Foundation maintains a rehabilitation and care center at historic Camp Leakey in Indonesia’s Tanjung Puting National Park, and has fought to maintain the welfare of orangutans worldwide, whether in captivity or the wild.

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