Dodot and Mabel make a nest up on the tree
Dodot and Mabel make a nest up on the tree

Preserving the orangutan’s future

Including OFI in your estate plans enables us to continue to help thousands of orangutans and other wildlife and leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come. Your gift will provide long-term support to ensure the continuing operation of our organization.

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You can designate OFI as a:

  • Direct beneficiary of specific assets within your estate
  • General beneficiary of a portion or percentage of your estate, or
  • Contingent beneficiary of assets designated for loved ones, should they not survive you

Your bequest to OFI can take any of several forms:

Outright bequest

You may bequeath cash, securities, jewelry, or any other personal property to OFI. Non-cash assets will generally be converted to cash.

Devise of real estate

You can bequeath real estate, land, or buildings to OFI. As a general principle, any real estate bequeathed to OFI will be
converted to cash.

Beneficiary designation

You can name OFI as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or bank account.

Trust beneficiary

You can name OFI as either the beneficiary of the income from a trust or beneficiary of a trust at its termination.

Orangutan Foundation International offers this information as a courtesy to caring individuals. Please contact your attorney for assistance in preparing and executing a will to carry out your wishes.

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