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Breaking News: 2015 Fire Season

September, 30 2015

Each year, as the rains cease and the long, hot, dry days pile up on top of each other like a pile of kindling, OFI faces one of the most difficult challenges to protecting orangutans and their forest habitat: the fires. This year is no exception. The fires are here and they are bad. In…

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Fires hit close to home!

October, 11 2014

It’s fire season again! This is the time for which OFI prepares each year. This is the time we all dread! The dry season was slow to come this year, but all it takes is a solid week with no rain to get the forest to burn. When it came, it came, as it always…

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Employee of the Month: Ibu Ipuk

October, 24 2010

After repeatedly telling her that I have it on good authority that she can speak English well, Ibu Ipuk simply replies in English: “I don’t speak English! Who told you that?” With everyone at the forest facility laughing about her reply, Ipuk herself is probably laughing the hardest. It is a perfect example of the…

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Employee of the Month: Mr. Heppy

September, 20 2010

Mr. Heppy gives a very honest answer when I ask him about what he remembers from his first days working for Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) in Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia (province of Central Indonesian Borneo): “I felt like a man, you know. I had a job, I earned my own money and I was able to…

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