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Orangutan of the Month: Tom

August, 1 2000

Tom is a handsome and muscular sub-adult male living in Tanjung Puting. He is the son of an ex-captive called Tutut. He is inquisitive and can often be seen on the jetty at Camp Leakey studying arriving kelotoks. When we visited, he kept a good distance away from our kelotok almost all the time. We…

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Orangutan of the Month: Tutut

September, 17 1999

Tut, who is in her late 20’s is the biological mother of five-year-old Terry (pictured) and a handsome fifteen year old male named Tom, who can be seen roaming the trees in Camp Leakey. It is thought that Tom may one day take over the dominant male role from Kusasi. A lucky visitor to Camp…

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