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Orangutan of the Month for August 2017: Berman

March, 31 2017

Berman is a beautiful orangutan with plentiful bright orange hair. A tiara of darker orange hair frames the front crest of her head. While manoeuvring through the matrix of branches and trees, Berman is followed by a shadow of orange as her hair flows behind her.   Her symmetrical facial features are accented with light…

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The Joy of Scent

April, 30 2012

Scent enrichment gives animals opportunities for play and exploration. An acute sense of smell is often associated in people’s minds with animals such as big cats but the sense of smell is important to other animals, primates included, as well. With humans, familiar smells can vividly evoke emotions or memories, while new scents expand our…

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Berman: Orangutan of the Month

June, 30 2011

This is my last Orangutan of the Month as I am leaving Borneo in a matter of days, so I wanted to pick an orangutan that I’ve bonded with throughout my six months at the OFI Care Center. I first came across Berman when I gave her an extra daily meal of “bubur”(porridge) made from…

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