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Breaking News: 2015 Fire Season

September, 30 2015

Each year, as the rains cease and the long, hot, dry days pile up on top of each other like a pile of kindling, OFI faces one of the most difficult challenges to protecting orangutans and their forest habitat: the fires. This year is no exception. The fires are here and they are bad. In…

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Best Friends

October, 30 2014

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A day of fire-fighting teaches lessons for a lifetime

November, 1 2013

A smoky haze blankets the landscape for miles before we reach Rawa Kuno Forest. Off in the distance, great plumes of smoke can be seen emanating from the horizon. At the base of each plume, orange flames reach up and produce the smoke that is being carried off into the sky. Once the sun goes…

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Changing weather, Changing Ecosystems

September, 30 2013

For the human and animal dwellers of Borneo, monsoons, droughts, and other extreme weather conditions are nothing new. The equatorial climate of this mega-island can be famously inhospitable. As such, Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas and the entire OFI team of staff, researchers, and volunteers have become accustomed to working to protect orangutans under any and…

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It’s Our Job to Help Keep Orangutans Safe in any weather.

August, 1 2013

These days, it’s difficult to pick up a newspaper or turn on the television or Internet and not find a headline story in the news about extreme weather. It seems high temperatures, heavy rains, drought conditions, and wildfires are wrecking havoc on communities throughout the world. But what the average person considers to be extreme…

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Boncel and Josmik Get a New Enclosure

December, 23 2012

Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) is constantly addressing unforeseen problems, which come with any wildlife conservation efforts. Habitat destruction, poaching, illegal pet trade, wildfires, and corporate exploitation are all problems that take an immense amount of effort to address. When it comes to orangutan rehabilitation, the focus of our work at the Orangutan Care Center and…

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