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Breaking News: 2015 Fire Season

September, 30 2015

Each year, as the rains cease and the long, hot, dry days pile up on top of each other like a pile of kindling, OFI faces one of the most difficult challenges to protecting orangutans and their forest habitat: the fires. This year is no exception. The fires are here and they are bad. In…

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Cute Faces, Dark Realities (Part 2)

June, 25 2013

The Threat of Illegal Capture Most people who read this website are probably aware of how dire the situation facing wild gibbons like Auri and other primates is, but I’ll remind you anyway. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), nearly half of all primate species – including apes, monkeys, and big-eyed…

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Zircon: A New Threat to the Forests of Borneo

November, 22 2011

If you asked what the biggest threat orangutans were facing ten years ago, the answer would have been illegal logging. Today, the biggest threat is the palm oil industry. But what about ten years from now? The answer just might be zircon in certain areas. While OFI is working to ensure there are orangutans in…

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