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Help Us Fight Increasing Wildfires

December, 20 2019

Photo of Indonesian wildfire  Photo credit: Ulet Ifansasti NY Times       Dear Friends of OFI, From June until October 2019 OFI staff were once again called upon to fight fierce fires that threatened orangutan habitat, national forests, OFI facilities and release sites. Wildfires such as these ravage primary forest, orangutan habitat, and reduce it to smoke…

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OFI Still Fighting the Forest Fires of 2015

August, 31 2017

In 2015, deliberately lit fires raged across the Indonesian islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra. As the fires grew increasingly out of control and smoke hung heavy and thick over the region, the Indonesian government declared six provinces in the archipelago to be under a state of emergency. One of the six provinces was Central Kalimantan,…

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Emergency Appeal: Seed & Sapling Collection

May, 16 2016

April 2015 Dear Friend of OFI, Today is a turning point for the rainforests of Borneo. If we do not step in to save them now, they will be gone forever. We urgently need your help! Not only are trees being cut down, at the horrifying rate of thousands every minute, but also the fires…

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News from the Field: Bringing the Forest Back

April, 6 2016

After fighting the devastating fires of 2015, Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) is as dedicated as ever to the protection of rainforest and orangutan habitat in Borneo. Unfortunately, large areas of OFI’s Orangutan Legacy Forest (OLF) that had been purchased and placed under protection burned in the 2015 fires, despite the relentless firefighting efforts of OFI…

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Breaking News: 2015 Fire Season

September, 30 2015

Each year, as the rains cease and the long, hot, dry days pile up on top of each other like a pile of kindling, OFI faces one of the most difficult challenges to protecting orangutans and their forest habitat: the fires. This year is no exception. The fires are here and they are bad. In…

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Fires hit close to home!

October, 11 2014

It’s fire season again! This is the time for which OFI prepares each year. This is the time we all dread! The dry season was slow to come this year, but all it takes is a solid week with no rain to get the forest to burn. When it came, it came, as it always…

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