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Help create wildlife corridors to protect wild orangutans.

December, 13 2018

  We need your help to prevent further wild orangutan population decline. Donate now to help us purchase land that will reduce forest destruction and fragmentation of rainforest habitat. Dear Friends of OFI, Today I am reaching out to make an urgent and personal appeal to you. As a supporter of Orangutan Foundation International (OFI)…

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OFI Translocated Orangutan Found Dead in Palm Oil Plantation

July, 12 2018

Dear Friends of OFI, I am devastated to share the following news with you, and must warn you of the graphic nature of the photographs associated with this article. On the heels of two known orangutan murders this year in our province of Central Indonesian Borneo, there is further disturbing news. Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) field…

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Zooming in on ‘Forest Fragmentation’

August, 31 2017

Harmful consequences of Palm Oil plantations for Biodiversity – Zooming in on ‘Forest Fragmentation’ You might have heard that the production of palm oil is very damaging to our global environment and tropical biodiversity.[1] Acres of rainforest are cleared every hour, displacing or killing the many animals who live in them, including the critically endangered…

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An Unusual Family at the Care Center

November, 28 2010

Protecting large areas of orangutan habitat is an incredibly difficult task. Even after an area has been designated a national park, or purchased privately for the sake of conservation, an endless amount of humanpower and resources are continuously spent to keep illegal loggers, miners, and poachers out of the forest. However, by hiring rangers to…

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