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The Captivating Flora and Fauna of Tanjung Puting National Park

March, 2 2016

Tanjung Puting National Park, where Orangutan Foundation International has worked for over 30 years, and its surrounding area is home to a beautiful array of diverse flora and fauna including the Bornean orangutan. In this photo essay we would like to introduce you to some of the other species, from palm trees and beetles to…

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Helping Gibbons: The Story of Dea

November, 28 2014

At Orangutan Foundation International’s OCCQ, we have a policy of accepting and providing safe sanctuary and medical care to any animal in need. We work primarily with orangutans but at times are called upon to help other Borneo wildlife. This is how I came to meet Dea, the baby gibbon. Like orangutans, gibbons are apes…

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Cute Faces, Dark Realities (Part 1)

May, 21 2013

Look at these photos of infant orangutans. What are the first thoughts that come into your head? My guess is that your reaction is something like, “So cute!” or “I want to cuddle them!” Maybe you’re even thinking, “I want one!” Unfortunately, the charms that orangutans and other primates possess push too many people to…

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Gibbs the Gibbon makes a move

February, 25 2011

The young male Agile Gibbon who we have been calling Gibbs has left his much larger orangutan cousins at the OFI Care Center this week. This small, arboreal ape is moving to a new home, the Kalaweit Center in nearby Palangka Raya. This is a special facility for gibbons where he will be able to…

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New Arrivals: Small Ape and Bear

November, 30 2010

Although the main purpose of OFI’s Orangutan Care Center & Quarantine (OCCQ) in Pasir Panjang is to rehabilitate and care for orphan orangutans, there are a surprising number of animals that bear no resemblance to our red-haired primate cousins. Clearly, it is not only orangutans that are falling victim to the ongoing forest destruction and…

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Great Call Girl!

September, 10 2004

Our adventure in Indonesia started with a trip to Jakarta. We were greeted by an (un)healthy dose of heat, noise, and smog and endured a week of frustrating, but necessary, red-tape, government officials (more often behind ping-pong tables than desks), and hair-raising taxi drives in order to validate our LIPI research permits. Eventually we received…

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