Orangutan Foundation International mission statment

Orangutan Foundation International’s (OFI) core mission is the conservation of orangutans and the tropical rainforest that is their habitat.

OFI takes a holistic and comprehensive approach with multiple complementary strategies to combat the complex challenges facing orangutans and the rainforest.

These strategies include:

• create and promote awareness campaigns that disseminate knowledge and understanding of orangutans as a critically endangered species and one of humankind’s closest living relatives in the animal kingdom

• actively protect wild orangutans and their native habitat through land purchase, patrol teams, and building local and international support coalitions

• rescue, rehabilitate, and release ex-captive and orphaned orangutans into safe and secure sites in the wild

• conduct research on orangutans, their ecology, and their behavior

• promote the conservation of all endangered wildlife and habitats in Borneo and Sumatra

Furthermore, OFI has a strong vision for the future that includes:

• ample tropical rainforest habitat that can sustain wild orangutan populations, allowing them to not only be saved from extinction but to thrive in their natural environment

• a galvanized public that appreciates, respects, and understands orangutans as unique and significant creatures

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