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  • Where will I be volunteering?
    The volunteer program will take place at sites in Kalimantan Tengah (Central Indonesian Borneo) in the general vicinity of Pangkalan Bun but exact locations will not be confirmed until later in the year and will be specific to the needs at that time.
  • Will I get to interact with the orangutans?
    You will definitely see orangutans. Whether you get to interact with them depends more on the orangutans as they are free to come and go and interact with people as they please.
  • What are the living conditions like?
    Living conditions are very basic, remote, and isolated. There is no running hot water. Toilet and shower facilities will be very rudimentary.

    You may be sleeping in the middle of the forest in temporary shelters. You may also be sleeping in an OFI facility. There will be three hot meals per day cooked by a local staff member. Both meals will consist of rice and vegetables, possibly supplemented by eggs, chicken, or fish. There will be no red meat in keeping with local practice.

  • How hard will the work be and what kind of work is typically done?
    The work is general physical in nature but not too hard for someone who is in moderately good shape. However, due to the remoteness of the location, a lot of modern conveniences are not available.
  • Will there be an opportunities to visit Camp Leakey or the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine?
    There will be opportunities to visit both Camp Leakey and OFI’s Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine during the 3 week program.

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