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Volunteering for OFI is a fun and exciting way to get directly involved with our mission to save wild orangutans. OFI offers long term and short term volunteer positions at our facilities in Borneo, or you can help right from your home.

In Borneo, OFI hosts volunteer teams – each lasting 3 weeks – who help maintain OFI’s facilities in Central Kalimantan. OFI also needs specialized long-term volunteers to fill the positions of Environmental Enrichment Coordinator and Communications Fellow. Individuals with a medical, veterinary, or animal husbandry background are also invited to apply for unpaid internships at our Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine in Central Kalimantan.

Many of OFI’s volunteers work from home and their contributions are invaluable. There are opportunities to contribute to “behind the scenes” projects such as writing for our website, helping to plan events and campaigns, and hosting fundraisers to benefit OFI.


  • The OFI Long Term Volunteer Program offers individuals a rare opportunity to travel abroad and witness firsthand the impact and realities of wildlife and habitat protection, by working at OFI’s Orangutan Care Center in Pasir Panjang, Kalimantan. The OFI Long Term Volunteer Program offers positions designed to increase OFI’s impact and to offer participants a unique insider experience.


    Adult female and offspring

  • A great volunteer opportunity for active individuals who want to get their hands dirty and help save the orangutan while working in one of the earth’s most bio-diverse areas. Each program lasts approximately 3 weeks. See the FAQ for this program here.


    Contruction Volunteer
  • Click to read about past volunteers who participated in our short term construction teams.


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