Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest

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Help us protect and restore critical orangutan habitat!

Your support is urgently needed today to help Orangutan Foundation International raise $640,000 to purchase, protect, and restore 6,400 acres of critical orangutan habitat. To date, we’ve raised more than $250,000!

Known as the Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest, this vast biologically-rich forest is home to an estimated 50-100 orangutans and many other endangered species. Yet, like so much of Borneo’s forestland, it is currently at risk of being clear-cut and converted to palm oil agriculture–a monoculture in which few, if any, species can survive. Without OFI’s immediate intervention–and your financial support–this forest habitat will be lost forever. Read more about the story and ecology of the Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest.

Sponsor acres! Your generous sponsorship support will ensure the permanent protection of Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest, safeguard an existing population of wild orangutans, and create a much-needed sanctuary for the release of orphaned and rehabilitated orangutans back to the wild. Let this be your legacy!

Please join us in this important effort by giving generously to OFI’s Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest Fund. It’s easy! You can donate online using the interactive map below, or by check (click here to donate by check). We’ll thank you in a special way (see below).

Use the map below to select the area of Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest you’d like to sponsor with your donation. Click on an area of land. The option to add this sponsorship to your shopping cart will appear. Once you’ve made your donation, your name will appear on the parcel within a week or so. To view it, simply double-click on your parcel to zoom in on the map until your name appears.

Let us thank you for your support in a special way…

Your gift will include a personalized certificate commemorating your generosity and a year membership to OFI. Donors who make a gift of $3,000 or more will also receive a beautiful, framed Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest photograph signed by Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas.

All gifts are tax-deductible and will support forest purchase and related legal and administrative expenses.
Thank you!

Take a virtual tour of Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest!

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