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Orangutan Soap From Our Planet Soap

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Orangutan Soap From Our Planet Soap


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The main threat facing orangutans in the wild is palm oil plantations which destroy the tropical rain forest that is the orangutans’ only home. Palm oil is a major ingredient in most commercial soaps. It’s difficult to avoid when you buy soap at the supermarket or drugstore. This soap has absolutely no palm oil, is handmade, vegan, and contains many organic ingredients. You can use this soap confident that no orangutans (or other animals) were hurt or killed in the sourcing of its ingredients.

A vitamin-rich exfoliating soap with fresh citrus Tangerine Essential Oil, moisturizing Pumpkin Seed Oil and plant butters, Pomegranate, Rosehips, Aloe Vera and Calendula Flowers for soothing nourishment and rejuvenation, plus soothing Signature Plants Infusion in Olive Oil.
Along with plastic-free packaging, Our Planet Soap Co. gives back 10% of their profits to endangered species conservation efforts.

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