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The Great Apes Survival Game

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The Great Apes Survival Game

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An educational and fun cooperative adventure to rescue the Great Apes from ruthless Poachers and move them to Sanctuaries with the help of the Rangers.

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Great Apes Survival Game

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  1. Rebecca Reeder

    I gave a copy of this game to some children, and they really enjoyed it. This will now be my go-to gift for birthdays and holidays so that while children are having fun, they are learning about endangered wildlife. This game can help introduce concern for orangutans to a whole new generation.

  2. Meagan Hodson

    The Great Apes Survival Game is a beautifully designed game that the whole family will love. The educational message is crucial for the younger generation to learn. The concept is engaging, fun and teaches ways to make the world a better, more compassionate place. Thank you for bringing this board game to life! I cannot wait to get this out to my friends’ and families’ homes.

  3. Cliff Calhoun

    This is a great game! Not only does it give children a great alternative to electronics/technology (imagine that – a board game!), it is fun, enjoyable and teaches interesting facts about the great apes. My son loves this game and many other children (and parents) will too. My son and I learned many interesting things about the great apes, including how they are endangered. I bought several of these games to give out as birthday presents for my son’s friends.

  4. Daniel Ingram

    I enjoyed playing this game with my family. It’s very original and brings in so many educational aspects. Not only did I experience a new kind of board game to play with any age group, but I also learned a lot about great apes, and the risk they are in without protection! Great concept and wonderful family game. Highly recommend adding this to your family board game collection!

  5. Kelly Fagan

    A lot of fun for the whole family, and we learned about the Apes!!

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