Become a Foster Parent to “Krista”

Krista is a beautiful orangutan who enjoys attention. In some ways, Krista is lucky because she never had to experience the trauma of being an illegal pet. This is because Krista’s mother (Kristen) was rescued from an illegal pet situation as an adult and brought to the OFI Care Center where she gave birth to her daughter Krista, a healthy baby, on July 5. Unfortunately, Krista’s mother showed no interest in her baby and refused to feed her. Immediately the staff at OFI’s Care Center took over, and Krista’s mother was soon released back into the rain forest where she enjoys life as a wild orangutan.

Since Krista’s mother had good nutrition through most of her pregnancy and because Krista received the same at the Care Center, she has always been healthy and strong with lots of thick auburn hair, the same color as her mother’s. Anyone who visits the Care Center notices Krista, for she loves to show off her athletic ability on the vines. A video on YouTube captures Krista’s love of the spotlight and also helps to point out why orangutans need to live in their natural habitat with room to play and exercise.

Krista gets along well with other young female and male orphans of her age. She is skilled at selecting tasty vegetation from the rain forest as her snack, and her official portrait shows her in the rain forest during jungle school with a seed pod she picked herself. However, she is always delighted at the supplemental fresh fruit at the Care Center. When peanuts are provided, Krista daintily shells the peanuts to eat the nut as she has seen humans do, but often will go back to chew the soft peanut shells.

Krista is highly intelligent, watches where people might be hiding treats in their pockets, and will sneak up behind you to grab them if she can. Just like human children, she smiles and laughs and pouts. Her face is very expressive, and she is a joy to know. Thank you for adopting her!

Each Foster Parent Intro Kit includes an adoption certificate, the biography of your foster orangutan, a recent photo of your foster orangutan, an information sheet about orangutans, and other promotional materials. Foster Parents receive updates every six months with a progress report on how their orangutan is doing as well as a new photo.

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