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OFI educational programs

IMG_3368-e1277096888118 OFI produces educational programs for schools, delivers public lectures, organizes conferences and seminars and disseminates news about orangutans, their plight, and orangutan and forest conservation issues.

General contributors to OFI receive the newsletter, PONGO QUEST, which provides news and updates about activities involving orangutans and people helping orangutans, including news from zoos and the field, reports and articles about research, conservation and education.

In the vicinity of the Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine in Pasir Panjang, Central Indonesian Borneo, OFI hopes eventually to construct an Education Center and Herbarium to provide a base for the education and training of local people, students and others regarding orangutan and forest conservation issues.

With its local partner Yayasan Orangutan Internasional Kalimantan (YOIK), OFI publishes an illustrated, attractive newsletter in the Indonesian language that is widely distributed throughout the archipelago. The newsletter is called “Pesan dari Alam” which means “Message from Nature.” OFI and YOIK also have organized and co-sponsored various outreach events for schoolchildren and pre-schoolers in Jakarta.
International Orangutan Awareness Week

Some years ago OFI initiated an International Orangutan Awareness Week. During November of each year OFI organizes a week long celebration of outreach, education, and consciousness raising regarding orangutans and their tropical rain forest home.

OFI seeks interested people around the world who would like to help paticipate. Please Contact OFI if you are interested in helping or participating in the next event.

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