Kalimantan Tengah, Central Indonesian Borneo - Pasir Panjang
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    August 01, 2012
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Orangutan Foundation International has volunteer opportunities available for active individuals who want to get their hands dirty and help save one of the earth’s most bio-diverse areas.

Each volunteer team runs for a set period of approximately 3 weeks.

The Basics: In order to participate in our Volunteer Program:
You must be a member of the Orangutan Foundation International
You must be 18 years of age or above
You must be in good physical condition and be prepared for hands-on manual work in a hot, steamy, equatorial environment that may occasionally have buzzing and biting insects and other inconveniences as well as the occasional danger [such as the rare poisonous snake].
Volunteers should also be cognizant that Borneo’s endemic diseases consist of such tropical diseases as malaria, dengue, typhus, hepatitis, etc.
Volunteers are responsible for their own vaccinations and should bring anti-malarial prophylactics and medications as well as medicines for common conditions such as diarrhea. OFI will NOT accept applicants who do not show proof of valid vaccinations against the following diseases: tetanus, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, MMR, and potentially others, depending on alert levels at the time. We also require negative tuberculosis test results for orangutan health and safety reasons.
Volunteers do not need experience in the field, just a willingness to help, a sincere interest in forest conservation and orangutan survival, and a passion for the work OFI does.
Volunteers are expected to work approximately 8 hours per day with one day of rest on Sunday. This volunteer experience should not be viewed as a “holiday.”

A Volunteer’s Typical Daily Schedule:

7:30am – Breakfast
8:00am – Work Begins
12:00pm – Lunch break
1:00pm – Work
5:00pm – Work ends, time to bathe
7:00pm – Dinner
7:30pm – Discussion of day’s events and discussion of next day’s work
9:00pm – Bed (at volunteer’s discretion)

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