“Project 560″

A special rainforest protection initiative for students of all ages

About “Project 560″

$560 a day keeps orangutan families safe…

Your support is urgently needed. OFI is asking school and civic groups, boys’ and girls’ clubs and young people everywhere to come together and “adopt” a particular day in the calendar year. Then… create a fundraising program designed to raise $560— enough money to protect the forest for your special day!

It’s fun…it’s easy…it’s oh so rewarding!

Who is doing it?

  • School Groups
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs
  • Youth Civic Groups
  • Young People Everywhere

Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) is reaching out to people across the globe in a monumental effort to keep the world’s last remaining orangutans from going extinct. Please join us!

Download the PDF here.

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